• Jason Hesley

Idiot Robot present the video for "Everytime"

With NYC Hardcore and 90’s Death metal Vocals. DEATH POP!!!! Now you get it.

This Duofrom Bay Area of Florida and Phoenix AZ have created music in such Projects at

Space King, Cosmic Punch (TMG/ Knife Fight), As All Die (Crowd Control Activities/ Fracture Spaces), Long Winters Stare ( Dark Symphonies) Black Depths Grey Waves ( Aesthetic Death) and Until the Sky Dies ( Cimmerian Shade).

Idiot Robot are coming at you with an 11 song Album released on Dead Games Records.

Weirdo , Outsider, Catchy and Avant. Yes to all the above. Idiot Robot has no game plan just to create music they find interesting. It’s now your turn to explore and see what treasures await your aural pathway..

Idiot Robot- Idiot Robot

1. The Anthem

2. Everytime

3. You tell me

4. 123 Blast Off

5. Black days again

6. Grey Pop Story

7. The Story

8. The Runaway

9. Watching the Sky

10. The Way


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