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  • Jason Hesley

Icelandic Viking Metal Masters SKÁLMÖLD Reveal Second Single “Verðandi” & Lyric Video!

"SKÁLMÖLD are back and hungry! With ÝDALIR, the sextet retells an old saga in a new way that likely no one has heard before." Metal Hammer Germany "Extreme and very intense" Rock Hard Italy

“On Ýdalir they sound more serious and mystical than ever without losing the fun.”

Viking metal icons SKÁLMÖLD have revealed their epically catchy second single, “Verðandi”, together with an official music video. With their first record in five years, the Icelandic six-piece will unveil their highly anticipated sixth studio album, Ýdalir, on August 18, 2023 via Napalm Records. Dominated by a chant-like rhythm, “Verðandi“ represents an unforgettable track, with catchy guitar and oboe-driven details. While the first half of the track is driven by the heaviest of folk and death metal elements, strong vibrations of growls subside with the sound of the ocean and fragile organ melodies. Fans can look forward to the band’s brand new material and energetic live shows this summer - including their return to huge European metal festivals like Wacken and Summer Breeze! Björgvin Sigurðsson on “Verðandi”: “The second song we present to you from our upcoming album is ‘Verðandi’. Parts of the story of Ullur presented on the album are told through the eyes of the Norns - Urður, Verðandi and Skuld. Past, present and future. The Norns live at the foot of Yggdrasill where they spin the threads of fate of all men. The three Norns all get their own song on the album and here we enter the realm of the present with Verðandi. In two ways this song has a really classic feel to it. Firstly it is heavily inspired by the more classic styles of Metal and has a very old-school vibe. Secondly it can be seen as a classic SKÁLMÖLD song, driven forward by a really catchy and folk inspired melody, yet still heavy and epic.”

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