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Icelandic metal outfit SORG release fourth album "Draugar"

The Icelandic metal band SORG release new album "Draugar" on every major media. The Metal act is the brainchild of the artist Víðir Mýrmann. Members of the SORG family are Mýrmann on guitar, vocals, bass, keys. and Lyrics. Ari Harðarson on guitar. And Freyr Hreinsson doing vocals. The band was formed in Iceland 2020. Draugar is the fourth album by SORG.

As stated before, the Icelandic culture and Heritage is mostly based around 3 things. There is a long list of cultural traditions and folk traditionally make references to three major elements of the Icelandic nation: The landscape, the old literature and the old sagas. Folklores are intertwined in the heart if the nation. We have a lot of ghost stories that have lived from mouth to mouth for a long time on this harsh and dark Island.

The inspiration for Draugar / Ghost are real Icelandic ghost stories. Mýrmann made the lyrics around 8 of those stories, the Stories are: Galdramenn , Skupla, Haustgríma, Barðsgátt, Sjö draugar, Djöflalág, meiri mold and Draugaskip.

The album is a blend of various rock, Heavy metal and metal Styles. It has an underlying Dark and gloomy mood, yet with a lot of strong melodies and good harmonies. Guest artist Eva Lind Jóhannesdóttir as the scream of Sigríður Skupla.

Tracklist: 1.Galdramenn 2.Skupla 3.Haustgríma 4.Gátt 5.Sjö draugar 6.Djöflalág 7.Mold 8.Draugaskip.

The album artwork by Mýrmanns son Tristan Víðisson. The album is recorded and Produced by Víðir Mýrmann.

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