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  • Jason Hesley

HURONIAN to release "Beyond Frozen Heights"

Huronian's new EP has lyrics inspired by literature, fantastic or science fiction. The purpose is to bring the listener to places that perfectly fit the atmosphere of the music. Songs like "Over Frozen Heights Pt.1" and "Pt.2" are freely inspired by H.P.Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" and the EP cover depicts the landscapes where the story is narrated.

Huronian was born in early 2020, with the intention of recreating the sound of golden age of melodic Death Metal and Death/Black, filtering the influences in a completely personal way.

Despite the global pandemic prevented the band from working in the rehearsal room, Huronian manage to complete the work on the debut album "As Cold as a Stranger Sunset" very quickly, thanks to the remote work and the great conceptual harmony between the members. The album contained 8 tracks of fast and aggressive melodic Death/Black Metal, filled with furious blast beats, hyper fast tremolo-picking and desperate yet aggressive vocals narrating tales of lost worlds and obscure visions. In the meantime, live line-up has been completed with two session musicians respectively on the bass and the second guitar. The summer of 2022 saw Huronian playing in Portugal and Spain supporting the release and in February 2023 the band teamed up with French legends Mercyless as supporting act and performed three shows on a minitour in Italy.

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