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  • Jason Hesley

Hungarian Death Metal band DAMNATION announce upcoming album, "Fátum", and release first single!

Led by ex-Thy Catafalque guitarist János Juhász, five piece Hungarian Death Metal act DAMNATION announce the release of their first studio full-length "Fátum" scheduled for February 18th via Pest Records. Recorded and mixed/mastered at Obsidian Sound Studio by Árpád Szenti "Fátum" evokes the most memorable era of Death Metal, in the vein of bands like Incantation, Morbid Angel or Gorefest and many more alike. The cover artwork is signed by Stan Ivan.

With lyrics contemplating on the mortality of the universe, enshrouded by a dark, dense musical atmosphere, "Fátum" is all about one of the earliest fears of humankind: existential angst set in a celestial scale.

A few words about the album from the founder and main songwriter János Juhász: "I am really happy that this album has finally been made, and also thankful that I could make it with such great musicians."

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