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  • Jason Hesley

Hunagarian TALTOS (folk/black) released EP "Érezd hogy élsz"

Táltos is a Hungarian experimental folk-black metal project, lead by musician JesterOfDestiny. He is aided by musicians found on Fiverr; in this case Damjan Stefanović on drums (known from Goddess and Mrtvi) and Kohld on guitars (of Dead, Ulgard, Wintertide). JesterOfDestiny handles everything else. Cover artwork was created by Nicolas Oliveros. Logo was designed by JesterOfDestiny. New EP titled "Érezd hogy élsz" was self-released on digital format 1st September 2022.Music is available on all major streaming services (Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.). Musically, Táltos is hard to describe. It is black metal, with a strong primal/tribal element to it. Lots of didgeridoo playing and throat singing. But there's also a strong punk undercurrent, with a tinge of death/doom (especially on this new release). Along with whatever other genre happens to fit each song. The lyrics are about defiance and the desire for freedom, quite explicitly challenging the semi-dictatorial regime of Hungary and the crippling apathy of the population. The táltos is a type of shaman in Hungarian paganism. They were born into their role, recognized by being born with something extra, like a tooth at birth, or an extra finger. They were born for the duty of communicating with the entire Hungarian nation and warn against invading armies or an impending cultural collapse. As such, the music of Táltos is meant to evoke the image of the ancient shaman warning their people of a possible dreadful future.”

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