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  • Jason Hesley

Hostilia, a thrash metal band from Sweden, releases their new single "Let Off Some Steam (Remixed)

Hostilia, a young thrash metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, with members aged between 16-20, is set to release their new single, "Let Off Some Steam (Remixed)", on all digital platforms. This single is a reimagined version of a song from their latest EP, released in June. The remix was done with Per Stålberg, a renowned producer in Sweden. This release is particularly special as it introduces their new vocalist, Tim Angelini, showcasing his exceptional talent in replacing the old vocals. The band decided to remix this song as they felt it had more potential, and it also serves as a quick introduction to Tim following the departure of their previous vocalist. Alongside the single, Hostilia is also releasing their first music video.The artwork for Hostilia is created by Niklas Sundin, formerly of Dark Tranquillity. Their previous releases have received positive reviews and traction.

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