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  • Jason Hesley

Hemplifier to release "The Stoner Side of the Doom" on June 2nd!

Electric Valley Records presents The Stoner Side of the Doom, the debut LP by the Maltese doom/stoner metal group Hemplifier. Other than the standard digital release on all major platforms, the album will be available on three editions of vinyl on 02 June.

Hemplifier was born in 2019 when amps and vintage gear worshippers Emanuel Portelli (Thy Legion, Victims of Creation, Pilgrimage, Animamortua), Bazaz (Lady Lizard, R.A.S.) and Dino Mifsud Lepre (Victims of Creation, Pilgrimage) joined up for blazing some joints. These Santa Venera stoners formed Hemplifier having common goals of jamming, getting high, enjoying good times, composing the heaviest riffs possible, and sending seismic waves to the planet while spending aboard their spacecraft.

Hemplifier dropped their first offering, Frequencies From Another Dimension – Live From Our Rehearsal Spacecraft!, in November 2021. This live rehearsal, containing three songs (recorded and filmed live in the trio’s own garage), gave the audiences a strong impression of Hemplifier’s warped, antediluvian sound before their live debut at 2021’s edition of Reeferfest, which is organized by the Hemplifier members themselves and currently the only stoner rock/metal fest on the island of Malta.

Recorded live at the local Cornerhouse Studio, The Stoner Side of the Doom, Hemplifier’s debut full-length, staggers and stumbles through weirdness, wildness, and wonderment. Each of the six distorted tracks (including an intro and an outro) carries amped-up thrills and menaces while disclosing a different set of tales from the crypt.

While the openers, “Headless Chicken (intro)” and “Brujo,” are voodoo-themed, “Invocation” and “Weedcraft” touch on the occult, the supernatural, and marijuana, with a hint of science fiction and aliens. The fifth number, “Gort,” embodies the humanoid robot character from the classic 1951 film, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Track Listing of The Stoner Side of the Doom:

1. Headless Chicken (intro)

3. Invocation

4. Gort

6. Snooze… (outro)

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