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  • Jason Hesley

HELLRIPPER Releases Video For ‘Goat Vomit Nightmare’

Following the fervour that was seen on the release of ‘Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags’, the album that has been the talk of the town, at last Hellripper will be bringing their own blend of furious Blackened Thrash Metal to the masses live and celebrate by releasing a new video.

Presented in a vintage style reminiscent of the Thrash Metal days of yore, ‘Goat Vomit Nightmare’, a track that is made up of frenetic riffing with Black Metal elements peering through the cracks and runs that would put even the most ardent of guitar players through their paces, the clip encapsulates the sense of total chaos is a Hellripper live show, be prepared!

“I am pleased to announce this new music video for “Goat Vomit Nightmare”! It captures the energy of a wild night in Glasgow earlier this year and makes it clear that the Goat Kvlt is alive! A big thank you to Kieran Dawes for filming it, and to Isaac, Guy, Katie, Alan & Amy for sending in some additional footage.”

Thematically the album explores Scottish folklore and ‘Goat Vomit Nightmare’ specifically looks to the Taghairm as McBain explains below:

“Lyrically, “Goat Vomit Nightmare” takes inspiration from the taghairm – an old Scottish method of divination. Musically, it has more of a rock ‘n’ roll approach that I felt would work well with this type of video.”

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