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  • Jason Hesley

Hellbound (ft. Håkan Hemlin of Norland) Shares ‘Och Regnet Föll’ Video!

Umeå hard rock/metal quintet Hellbound pays tribute to their fellow countryfolk Nordman with a cover of “Och Regnet Föll” together with the Nordman vocalist Håkan Hemlin. In addition to the cover, the band had also recorded their own track called “King of Misery,” where Håkan also sings. The Swedish group has now released the double-single Och Regnet Föll, featuring both the songs, to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

The collaboration with Nordman’s frontman Håkan Hemlin came naturally when the idea was presented as there is a mutual admiration after Håkan took a liking to Hellbound at Discouraged Fest 2014.

Hellbound has also dropped a video for the cover number “Och Regnet Föll,” which was premiered via Metal Insider (full feature AT THIS LOCATION). The video was directed by Owe Lingvall of Dream Day Media, known for his work with Meshuggah, Sabaton, Nocturnal Rites, and more.

Hellbound frontman Miika Rudin on the video + dual-single:

“Being a huge fan of Swedish folk band Nordman since their debut in 1994 and a big admirer of Owe’s work both as a musician and videomaker, the chance to work with both of them in the same project crosses a lot of points on my personal bucket list. And I am very proud of the results.”

Access Och Regnet Föll on major digital/streaming platforms RIGHT HERE. The double-single will later be released as an exclusive and very limited 7-inch vinyl in 2022 via Discouraged Records

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