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  • Jason Hesley

HELFRÓ Poison the Mind On "Traðkandi Blómin í eigin Hjartagarði"

Icelandic black metal ensemble HELFRÓ are back with Tálgröf, an album that's inspired by the dark manifestations of the human mind. The sickness of humankind is explored through intense rhythmic passages, fusing the extremities of traditional death metal together with sombre, introspective lyrical convictions.

The album's third single, 'Traðkandi Blómin í eigin Hjartagarði' (meaning: "Trampling the Flowers in Your Own Heart's Garden"), absolutely crushes with destructive blast beats, chugging death metal riffs and tremolo-picked melodies. It's another Tálgröf track that explores the facets of humanity's worst killers. The numbing of one's emotions is placed at the forefront in its chilling lyricism.

"We explore the idea of consciously numbing yourself of any positive emotion in preparation of committing acts that go against the fundamental laws of humanism & your own very nature," says vocalist Ragnar Sverrisson. "The persona is exposing themselves to violence and indifference, poisoning themselves with mind-altering substances while cutting off human contact and sleep depriving themselves."

The sinister new single is a maelstrom that explodes into a crushing middle section before twisting around a glorious amalgamation of death metal riffing & black metal blasting.

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