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  • Jason Hesley

HELFRÓ Are More Deadly than Ever on Second Album!

HELFRÓ are coming back in from the cold with Tálgröf. The Icelandic duo's second album is inspired by the myriad dark manifestations of the human mind. Through intense rhythmic passages, sick drummer Ragnar Sverrisson and axeman Simon Thorolfsson delve into the most depraved cavities of the human psyche, while melting their native black metal with traditional, fiery death metal and tortured lyrics.

Tálgröf comes out this Friday, December 1. But you can listen to all nine hell-raising tracks on HELFRÓ's new album today, thanks to Black Metal Promotion.

"Tálgröf is a high octane, extremely entertaining album", according to Metal Sucks, "...the future looks very bright for a band that spends a good portion of their year shrouded in complete darkness".

Lead single Fláráð Fræði puts a fresh, icy-cold twist on the blackened-death metal that HELFRÓ carved out on their self-titled debut album, with tremolo riffs that rain down with all the fury of a hailstorm.

"Ildi Óhreins Anda" chugs along a melodic groove, though the song is more sinister than it lets on. The lyrics on Tálgröf are based on interviews, journals and features on mass murders. "Traðkandi Blómin í eigin Hjartagarði" is about how these killers would poison themselves with mind-altering substances and sleep deprivation in order to commit heinous crimes that go ahead our very nature, all while reveling in the glorious death metal shredding that Ragnar grew up going to see with his uncle.

HELFRÓ are still as cold and unforgiving as the winters in their home country. But ‘Tálgröf’ is prime to light a fire beneath Icelandic metal.

"...a barrage of killer riffs, crushing blast beats and even some melodies here and there", writesMetal Injection. "...downright mesmerizing drumming by Ragnar Sverrisson, who puts on a freakin' clinic on this record".

Here's what Ragnar has to say about his band's new album:

"The gate has opened and unspeakable horrors are now loose! Immerse yourself in the darkest thought patterns of murder and death upon which Tálgröf was conceived. Let the majestic furiosity envelope your very being. Thank you all for joining us on this dark journey. Hail the duality of man."

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