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  • Jason Hesley

HANGMAN'S CHAIR - announce their new album "A Loner"!

There is no rest for the wicked: After captivating us all with their last two singles and currently holding France and the Benelux countries in suspense with their live shows, HANGMAN'S CHAIR takes a breath today to share some exciting news:

February 11th will see the birth of another bright star in their discography, their new album "A Loner" will be released via Nuclear Blast Records.

"A Loner" is the sixth album of the Parisienne outlet that balances confidently between the wilful sound of intensive new wave influences à la SISTERS OF MERCY, the grungy vibes of ALICE IN CHAINS and modern rock the likes of LIFE OF AGONY. This makes HANGMAN'S CHAIR promising pioneers in French metal scene and beyond. Preorder your copy of "A Loner" here:

But HANGMAN'S CHAIR has more up their sleeves today: Having played a mesmerizing show at this year's home edition of legendary HELLFEST, the band releases a live video of "An Ode To Breakdown", heralding the new album with all its monumental intensity. Check out "An Ode To Breakdown" here:

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