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  • Jason Hesley

HANABIE.Release New Single “今年こそギャル〜初夏ver.〜 (English translation: Be the GAL~Early Summer ver.~)”

HANABIE. is a sensational hybrid-girl-band with their original genre, “Harajuku-core”, which is a mix of metalcore and hardcore with Akihabara culture.

Already achieving a rabid fan base overseas through YouTube and TikTok, HANABIE. will finally release their major debut, “『来世は偉人!』 (English translation: Reborn Superstar!)”, on July 26th followed by a European and US tour starting in August!

With YUKINA’s screams that you wouldn’t expect from her small and cute looks, their unique genre mix, and their sense for fashion that offers Japan-culture in their true HANABIE.-style, they will take the world by storm!

They have just released their brand-new single, “今年こそギャル〜初夏ver.〜 (English translation: Be the GAL~Early Summer ver.~)”, on all digital platforms.

Consider yourself lucky if you got tickets for one of their two German shows in August:

8/12 Berlin - Hole44 (Low Ticket Alert!)

8/15 Frankfurt – Nachleben (Sold Out!)

Don’t miss the chance to dive deeper into their distinctive audio-visual aesthetics on their YouTube:

Including “今年こそギャル〜初夏ver.〜 Be the GAL~Early Summer ver.~ - Music Video”:

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