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  • Jason Hesley

Høstsol present 'Länge Leve Döden'

The Sinister Initiative, in conspiracy with Avantgarde Music, are proud to announce the debut album of Høstsol, the project of Cernunnus (Manes), Kalmos (ex-Barathrum), Rainer Tuominkanto (Ajattara) and Niklas Kvarforth (Shining).

'Länge Leve Döden', Swedish for 'Long Live Death', is a black metal opus conceived and recorded by people who have been molding the sounds of all things dark since the ‘90s, and you can hear that experience and unconditional dedication in every note. Consisting of musicians coming from Sweden, Norway and Finland, Høstsol is the offspring of Scandinavian and Northern black metal at its best. Høstsol stated the following: «'Länge Leve Döden' is our monumental celebration of the great Lord of Death. A perfect alignment of five songs that were written during an awful, unhealthy process over the course of two years. Expect Black Metal the way it used to feel and sound back in the early nineties, and rejoice!»

Mastered by the legendary Andy LaRocque (King Diamond).

Avantgarde Music will release 'Länge Leve Döden' on CD, LP, and digital platforms on January 13th. Find digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE.


1. As seen through the eyes of the prophet 2. Det som en gång var (det kommer aldrig igen) (AUDIO) 3. Länge leve den ansiktslöse mördaren 4. Din skördetid är nu kommen 5. Parallellt dubbelliv

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