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  • Jason Hesley

Hån emerges with their third album, "Conquering Magnificent Halls."

Switzerland's Hån emerges as a relentless black metal powerhouse with their third album, "Conquering Magnificent Halls." Evolving their sound while maintaining aggression and infectious melodies, this release signifies the band's commitment to pushing black metal's boundaries. Hån's fierce discography and captivating performances solidify their status in the black metal scene.

Hailing from Basel, Switzerland, the relentless black metal force known as Hån (Norwegian for "scorn") emerged in 2009, leaving a trail of mayhem on countless stages across Europe. With their raw and unapologetic blasphemy, they have supported major black metal acts, captivating audiences with their gripping performances.

In 2012, they unleashed their self-produced demo "Distant Light," showcasing their unwavering sound. Their debut full-length album, "Facilis Descensus Averni" (2016), was a testament to their DIY ethos, as it was entirely recorded and mixed by the band. It solidified their position in the black metal realm, garnering them a dedicated following.

In 2020, Hån released their sophomore album, "Breathing the Void," which was mixed and mastered at the renowned Liquid Aether Audio Studio. This collaboration pushed the boundaries of their sound, seamlessly combining their signature uncompromising intensity with compelling melodies.

Now, in 2023, Hån prepares to unleash their highly anticipated third album, "Conquering Magnificent Halls." This release marks a significant evolution in the band's song structures while retaining their trademark infectious melodies and steadfast aggression. Mixed and mastered once again at Liquid Aether Audio Studio, this album promises to showcase Hån's relentless dedication to pushing the boundaries of black metal.

With a discography reflecting their fierce independence and a reputation for delivering electrifying performances, Hån stands tall as a force to be reckoned with in the black metal scene. Their unwavering commitment to chaos and their ability to create entrancing music continue to captivate audiences, cementing their status as a formidable presence in the world of black metal.

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