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  • Jason Hesley

Guttural Disease unleash the Indonesian death metal of The Foreseen Deadline through Brutal Mind!

The walls cannot hold. With each passing hour of ceaseless bombardment the end draws nearer. The cracks begin to appear, running like wounds through the centuries old stone and the slavering hordes that wait in the mud grow more frenzied as they watch. The mud, a gross paste of churned soil, blood and fragmented bone, clings to their stinking hides as they snarl and scream, tearing at each other’s grotesque, engorged, naked bodies – desperate to unleash their thoughtless, violent lust in the streets of the holy city. The death throes of this ancient bastion of the light will be terrible to behold, a cornucopia of carnage. Another devastating impact, another shower of dust and debris, another howl of longing and the countdown to destruction continues...

As the Doomsday Clock moves inexorably towards midnight Indonesia’s Guttural Disease are here to remind us of The Foreseen Deadline! Since their formation, eleven years ago, the band have been working towards this moment – the release of their full length debut of gut-ripping brutal death metal. The Foreseen Deadline combines accomplished musical dexterity, a mastery of the art of constructing memorable death metal anthems and an innate ferocity that will leave listeners breathless. Devilish riffs are delivered with a crisp efficiency, blast beats explode in a torrent of skin-flaying velocity and hellish vocals are vomited up from the depths of the earth – all of this augmented with moments of unnerving atmosphere and deft touches of chilling melody. This is brutal death metal at its most potent and stunningly effective. From the thundering call to arms of ‘West Java Central Legion’ and the methodical torment of ‘A Flesh, Bones And A Mind’ to the seething malice of ‘Bloodstained Altars’, The Foreseen Deadline is a monumental construct of masterful brutality.

It’s been seven years since the first tentative steps of Guttural Disease’s Periodical Torment EP and now they have come of age in no uncertain terms. The Foreseen Deadline will be unleashed by Brutal Mind on July 16th and Guttural Disease will carve their way through the masses to brutal death metal’s top table. The clock is ticking, the walls are crumbling and The Foreseen Deadline approaches!

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