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Gruesome culinary-themed death metal act A La Carte presents Soup Dejour!

Gruesome culinary-themed death metal act A La Carte presents Soup Dejour, their debut album, which arrived on CD and digital formats on 25 November 2022.

It is likely to have a sneaking suspicion that A La Carte’s self-coined “morbid culinary-themed death metal” hangs its hat largely on the parody side, and the tag itself can mislead to conjure up an image of a bedroom or a side project. Well, although A La Carte’s music is not deprived of playful moments, it serves enough morbid and bizarre courses to fulfill the craving for extreme and wild. On top of that, the Northwestern Ohio group is serious about their music and does not deem their band as a fun or side project. To make their live shows more vivid, A La Carte members perform with the same characters displayed thematically and dress in maître d’ outfits.

A La Carte’s debut full-length, Soup Dejour, is primarily a freakish tech death fare, blending components from the grind, slam, thrash, and black metal. Lyrics and song titles centered around actual food preparation and dishes, sometimes cooking methods, but ingredients and utensils are whimsically over-the-top grotesque and disgusting. Offering diverse food items throughout the songs and disseminating the stamina of a couple of metal subgenres, A La Carte urges the death metal gourmets to savor this record.

One thing is certain: the A La Carte menu contains dishes without compromising the appetency for death metal.

Track Listing:

01. Soup Dejour

02. Aborted Eggs Benedict

03. Hymen Drizzled Hotcakes

04. Scalped Potatoes All Rotten

05. Rancid Risotto

06. Salted Sewer Sushi

07. Macabre Salad

08. Cock Pocket

09. Fetal Fajitas

10. Heinous Hasenpfeffer

11. Molten Melted Face Cake

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