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  • Jason Hesley

Groove metal duo TRAGIC FORMS release new full length album ARMS ‘ROUND THE ARMISTICE!

'ARM ‘ROUND THE ARMISTICE,’ is the fourth full length album from North Texas based groove metal duo TRAGIC FORMS. Their varied approach to metal is built upon a foundation of hooks and riff based compositions. Heavy, head banging grooves mix with catchy melodies and huge choruses, brought to life by a dynamic instrumental and vocal approach.

Drummer Taylor Ball and guitarist/vocalist Garrett Brooks have been active since 2017, having cut their formidable teeth in metalcore bands around the Dallas/Forth Worth area before settling on undertaking music with a more complex and varied scope, using their past experience with metal, rock, punk, and grunge to formulate their approach.

‘ARMS ‘ROUND THE ARMISTICE’ is an album that constantly keeps one foot on the gas but ready to change gears at a moment's notice to deliver infectious, grooved-out metal that isn’t afraid to step outside the box to focus on generating a wider appeal for their sound.

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