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  • Jason Hesley

Greek Black Metal luminaries ΘΛΙΨΙΣ (THLIPSIS) drop their debut album, "DAWN OF DEFIANCE"

Greek Black Metal luminaries ΘΛΙΨΙΣ (THLIPSIS) make an indelible mark with their debut album, "DAWN OF DEFIANCE." A profound exploration of the genre's essence, this release stands as a testament to their uncompromising vision. Witness the birth of a new era in Black Metal.

FLOGA RECORDS proudly presents the debut album from ΘΛΙΨΙΣ (THLIPSIS), an uncompromising force within the Greek Black Metal scene.

The album introduces listeners to an unrelenting auditory odyssey, masterfully weaving scorching guitar work, thunderous percussion, and guttural vocals that encapsulate the very essence of Black Metal. ΘΛΙΨΙΣ (THLIPSIS) forges a sonic landscape that embodies the dark, rebellious spirit of the genre.

"DAWN OF DEFIANCE" was meticulously crafted, with vocals recorded at Zero Project Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria, and guitars at ZRZS Studios. The bass found its voice at ΚΤΖ Studio, while drums were captured at Red House Music Studios. The narration for track 5, "The Night That Wolves Were Silent," was recorded at Dark Sun Rehearsal Studios.

The album's artwork, a visual testament to its dystopian narrative, was created by George Fotopoulos, drawing inspiration from the Italian radical group SUPERSTUDIO.

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