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  • Jason Hesley

Godeth release the EP, "Coup de Grace!"

Hotly-tipped UK heavyweights GODETH are primed and ready to fully take on 2024, loaded with their monolithic new EP, The Path Of Destruction, which drops on Friday 26th April. The release is heralded by the fiery five-piece’s ear-splitting new single and video, Coup de Grace - .


Bending your mind and beating your senses, Leeds-based GODETH dispatch a sound that binds together deeply enticing groove, pummeling death metal, and punishing hardcore. Originally formed in 2018, the band were riddled with setbacks and delays during their early years. However, the last eighteen months have been pivotal for the Brit riff slingers. In 2023, GODETH unleashed the singles ‘Scald’ and ‘Solace’. Both tracks received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, with notable support from Total Rock, Primordial Radio, GBHBL, and many others. Solace also picked up strong rotation on BBC Radio 1 Rock Introducing with Alyx Holcombe. These singles showcased the band’s deft ability to pen brutal and hugely alluring cuts that are laced with groove, gigantic riffs, and powerful vocals. 


In addition to etching a formidable mark with their recording endeavors, the ascending bruisers are also acquiring a thriving live profile aided by a raft of highly intense performances, which have seen the energetic metallers woo crowds at last year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival, as well as a slew of venues throughout the whole of the North. 


Now with a legion of fans in tow, GODETH are geared up for the release of their potent sophomore EP, The Path Of Destruction. The band have unearthed a gem of an EP which is certain to take the much-rated quintet to a higher footing. GODETH remark about the EP: “’The Path of Destruction’ captures what the band are about, bringing hard hitting riffs, groove, and ferocity along with thought provoking and sinister lyrics about the struggles of life and the world we live in. With the help of producer Adam Gadsby, we feel we have pushed ourselves to another level and have made something we are truly proud of.”


With a series of tours and live appearances in the pipeline throughout the year, GODETH will continue to soar.


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