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  • Jason Hesley

German Melodic Death Metal Force Impact Approved Unleashes New Album "Way of the Warrior"

Brace yourselves, metal maniacs! German melodic death metal phenomenon Impact Approved is back with a vengeance, unleashing their powerful new album, Way of the Warrior, on June 14th, 2024 via Wormholedeath Records.

Following the critical acclaim of their 2021 debut, Into the Fray, Impact Approved wasted no time forging a new sonic path. Witnessing the electrifying response to live tracks "The Truth" and "Atelophobia," the band honed their sound, pushing the boundaries of melodic death metal with djent and deathcore influences.

A Warrior's Journey: Behind the Scenes of Way of the Warrior

The creative fire burned bright within the band. Guitarist and drummer Uwe spearheaded the initial songwriting, crafting roughly 90% of the music. Bassist Maurice then joined the fray, adding his signature touch with basslines and atmospheric flourishes. Songs like "Isolation" showcase this collaborative spirit, where final touches and structural changes elevate the music to new heights.

The meticulously crafted foundation received its final layer with vocalist Phil's impassioned delivery. Each track on Way of the Warrior boasts a distinct personality, a testament to the band's diverse influences and relentless experimentation.

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