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  • Jason Hesley

German black metal band WIDERTOD is set to release their debut album "Anemoia" on June 7!

WIDERTOD's debut album "Anemoia" offers a fresh take on black metal, blending the chilling intensity of the genre's second wave with a more melodic and epic approach. This debut is a culmination of the band's evolution from a passion project between two longtime friends into a significant force within the metal scene. Launched initially in 2021 with a three-track EP, WIDERTOD has quickly distinguished themselves with their melodic, frostbitten style. "Anemoia" is poised to build on this foundation with soaring guitar lines and an atmospheric depth that reflects both nostalgia and a profound sense of longing encapsulated by its title. This album is not only a collection of songs but an ambitious expression of the band's unique aesthetic and musical direction.

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