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  • Jason Hesley

Funeral/Experimental Doom band Begräbnis present the track "Inverted Cross"

Japanese funeral doom trio Begräbnis presents their debut album, IZANAENA, which arrived on October 28th on CD under the flag of Weird Truth Productions.

Begräbnis arose in 2011 from the city of trees: Sendai. Through their ominously haunted and dismal hymns, the Japanese entity precisely embodies funeral: what the German word “Begräbnis” stands for. Started as a four-piece doom ensemble, they, as a trio, had begun to rely on drum machines, theremins, and appalling ambient/industrial elements since the drummer’s departure in 2012.

Begräbnis’ discography contains two demos and two split EPs: w/ Australian experimental doom band Estrangement in 2014 and Danish ambient SOL in 2016; both got released via Weird Truth Productions. In 2017, they participated in the compilation album Eastern Ghost Story Vol.1 released by Psychedelic Lotus Order/ GoatowaRex.

With their debut full-length IZANAENA, Begräbnis is ready to deliver solemn requiem for the doomed ones. This album sees the troupe landing in a funeral doom territory, escorted by eldritch, anguished growls, dire melodies, and dead invoking slow riffs. This opus, however, did not escape from Begräbnis’ droned-out minimal and ambient influences.

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