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  • Jason Hesley

Fullminator/Out Of Hand to release Split!

FULLMINATOR are a powerhouse of hard-hitting metal with a galactic twist. Opening the EP with their groove rhythm fuelled "Crushed By The Sun", a fury hard-hitting guitars and percussion explode into life in this raucous exploration of anxiety. The energy driven chorus brings the band's partying side out in full form. Segueing eerily into "Starslicer", the darker side to FULLMINATOR is unleashed through driving heavy rhythms and fierce harsh vocals. The track tells a tale of an eldritch entity who, one fated day, swallows the universe and creates de true Void. Throwing in a few distinctive musical twists throughout the track, it's a high speed thrash affair with their theatrical personality infused into the sound. OUT OF HAND unleash an assault of sheer fury with "Inertia Complex". Utterly guttural vocals and ludicrously low toned instruments rip open a void to the hellish depths below. "Inconsequential Guilt" manifests an unceasingly onslaught of distortion and technical intricacies interspersed throughout. "Inconsequential Guilt" continues the narrative of "Inertia Complex" in which a character refuses to accept help and now must face the guilt and shame of their choice.

Dialectics of the Cosmic Real is a high-octane thrill-ride for fans of the fast and heavy. Both FULLMINATOR and OUT OF HAND deliver their own individual styles, and both complement each other bringing a wealth of relentless vigour.

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