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  • Jason Hesley

French Progressive Metal Alchemists WYVERN Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce New Album "Radiations"

French Experimental Progressive Metal Alchemists WYVERN have signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for their new album "Radiations", due for release on 2022.

Band statement

We are very excited to announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with a label that understands our music and vision. Teaming up with Wormholedeath represents the opportunity to reach new levels and to expand our music to larger horizons. We are looking forward to producing and releasing our future projects with them. We’re currently working on a big video release for our new concept album. We can't wait to show you all what we’ve been working on !

We are Wyvern - Much love

About “Radiations”

We like to call Radiations not only an album, but a whole artistic project.

We, the band, wrote and played all the songs but Radiations is much more than that. Indeed, in collaboration with our movie director and friend Nicolas Fournier, we really wanted to go further and make the story behind the songs come to life through a whole miniserie of cinematic music videos. Radiations follows the story of a man who is engaged in a survival in a world that isn’t his anymore, his hallucinations, and his search for answers. We are very proud of what we’ve come to because we feel that we have found our own identity through the process. We really wanted to illustrate the songs properly and now we’re so excited to share them to as many people as possible !


From harsh and strong riffs to smooth and soaring atmospheres, mixing amplified guitars with new and organic electronic sonorities, this is how the band want to tell their stories.

After being on tour in the south of France, Wyvern want to expand their art to new horizons.

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