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  • Jason Hesley

French-Canadian metal quartet De Mal En Pire unveiled new single + music video "L'Astre de Velours"

As announced a couple of days ago with the single + video "L'Astre de Velours", French-Canadian post-metal outfit De Mal En Pire officially release their debut full-length album 'SÃ MO' . Self-released by the band itself, the album is available right now on CD & Digital on all legal platforms but also FREE STREAMING on Bandcamp.

...For the record... 

De Mal En Pire, a Franco-Canadian metal band, began the composition and writing process in 2021 before officially forming in 2022. The band's name finds its inspiration in the original 12th-century expression, "de mal enpire“, signifying a progressive deterioration of an already bad situation. The group relies on a quartet formula (two guitarists, one of whom serves as the lead vocalist, as well as a bassist and a drummer). Some members are locally recognized for their participation in bands such as Get the Shot (New Damage Records) for European tours (2016) and cross-Canada tours (2017), as well as collaborations with metalcore bands like Arise Horror (formerly Torque/Victory Records) and Gloria Victis(indie). These veterans of the Quebec metal scene have over 15 years of experience in performances, album recordings, and music creation..

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