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  • Jason Hesley

Forever Autumn Announce Acoustic Doom/ Pagan Folk EP Crowned in Skulls!

Haunting, avant-garde act Forever Autumn are preparing to unleash the new EP on the 3rd of February 2023, featuring a guest appearance from Aaron Stainthorpe of the legendary doom band My Dying Bride. Following the 2021 EP Hail the Forest Dark, which saw Aaron Stainthorpe contribute lyrics and vocals, Crowned in Skulls delves further into acoustic and pagan realms. There is a dark and unique talent to be found in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, where it is FOREVER AUTUMN.

Autumn Ni Dubhghaill comments:

"Crowned in Skulls is a haunting return to the deep magicks of Forever Autumn. It is a ritual unto itself, yet piece to a greater whole. I am honour'd to share this werke and hope it reaches those that need its medicine."

Track List:

Forever Autumn – Crowned in Skulls EP

1. The Forest and the Nyght (3.56)

2. Death Folk (0.43)

3. Incense and Deer Skulls (3.46)

4. Dried Herbs in Water (9.49)

5. Under Shadows of Annwn (5.00)

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