• Jason Hesley

FLOOD PEAK: Portland blackened sludge/post-metal trio debuts new track!

Portland blackened sludge/post-metal trio Flood Peak has announced their upcoming EP, Fixed Ritual, which arrives 22nd January 2021 on cassette and digital formats via Anima Recordings. Pre-orders are live RIGHT HERE.

Invisible Oranges is currently streaming the opening track, “Urnfield,” exclusively on their site. Hear the track AT THIS LOCATION.

“This was the first song that we wrote for this album, and to be honest, it came together seamlessly,” informs guitarist/vocalist Peter Layman. “It is about being devoted to someone so much that you willingly chip away at who you are and allow yourself to be sculpted into something that makes them feel more comfortable or satisfied, and less likely to abandon you than they would for continuing to be who you once were.”

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