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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish theatrical metal band ENDLESS EXAM releases their debut album!

Voice of Passion and Agony is the ambitious debut album by theatrical metal band Endless Exam from Finland. The album is an eclectic cross-section of Endless Exam's style of offering energetic, fierce and sensational metal. On the predominantly mid-tempo album, the listener is offered a variation from one mood to another. The lyrics cover a vivid spectrum of emotions, from wondering about the aburdity of the world to bottomless sadness. How to deal with the voices inside your head and discern from them what is true while your faith in everything is being tested? The songs nibble these themes with explosive power accompanied by a rhythm section driven by strong female vocals. The album was recorded under the direction of Jarno Hänninen (Dead End Finland) who brought his own professional touch to the sound and atmosphere.

Listen to the album on music services:

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