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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish metal band Kaksonen releases the new album "Universumin kuningas"

Finnish metal band Kaksonen has gotten active after a ten-year hiatus and releases a new album. "Universumin Kuningas" (The Emperor of the Universe) is an opus about humanity – of immortal fury in a mortal body. The epic growth story starts from hubris and limitless belief in one's omnipotence, on top of which realities of human existence are poured, such as generational burden, the challenges of human relations, and the confrontation of one's insignificance. In the end, one has to accept the limitations of life and their place in the world. In music, this diversity of life is interpreted through violent outbursts, but also lighter atmospheric and epic landscapes.

The four-piece band Kaksonen (Antti Lähdesmäki – guitar, Ville Koskivaara – bass & vocals, Tuomo Rinkinen – drums, Miika Vainio – vocals & guitar) was founded in the Äänekoski nuclear fallout area around 2007. The goal from the get-go was to play energetic and world-embracing heavy music that would truly speak to people regardless of background or ideology. During the following six years, the band played countless furious gigs and released a bunch of recordings. Life eventually led the childhood friends apart across the Nordic countries, and the project was put on hiatus for nearly ten years. Now, activated again, the band is in a more fierce form than ever before with a more focused vision of the band's vision of metal music.

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