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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish Metal band Frozen Factory release new album ‘Of Pearls & Perils’

Weaved with Frozen Factory’s signature mixed sound of alt-rock, metal and proggy elements, ‘Of Pearls & Perils’ marks their second full-length album and third LP/EP release. Its 12 songs, including their traditional short intro & outro tracks, explore topics of equality, life, the afterlife, and the climate crisis. The sound twists and turns through a range of heavy and light soundscapes that draw careful influence from classic acts such as Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Iron Maiden & Depeche Mode, while nodding at many others.

The album starts with a voice recorded by one of our most active fans, Angela C., whom They've never actually met in person, as she lives abroad! Her voice also features in several other little moments throughout the record – it’s a delight to include people who support us! Two of her lines are in French, a language the band also featured on ‘The First Liquidation EP’. Stephen chose to use some minor French moments for these two records, because the French language includes some absolutely killer phrases that don’t work so well in English. Angela’s opener for ‘Murder in the Depths’ translates as “Only a fool would never change their mind”.

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