• Jason Hesley

Finnish melancholic metal band DENIGRATE releases new material!

Finnish 1996 founded melancholic metal band DENIGRATE has released new material after a while. The new single "Perfida" is the first single from the upcoming new album, to be released later this year.

DENIGRATE was formed 1996 in Tuusula, Finland. Right from the start it was certain that musical style, lyrics and melodies, are going to be something that involves melacholy and dark corners of human mind, with a glimpse of hope. After few years of practising and doing random gigs it was time to make demo tape. First demo was released in 1998 and people got to know us bit better. It also gave us new opportunities to play gigs bit further than before. Second demo was released in 2000 and it also got us record deal with Warner Music Finland.

Debut album ”Dismal Euphoria” was released in 2003 and from it two singles: ”Guardian of the Bitter sea” and ”Everything Counts”.

DENIGRATE recorded and produced the second album “Hollowpoint” by themselves and it was finished in autumn of 2015. Compared to previous album, “Hollowpoint” is darker, more aggressive and also more complex.

The third album which instruments were recorded 2018 was ready for release without vocals for a long time. While Micko was focusing more to his another bands we were forced to find another singer. We found a talented singer Galzi (Dead Shape Figure) with most motivated attitude which gave us new energy to finish this album. Galzi gave also new perspective for the lyrical side as well. The third album will be released accompanied by two singles in the second half of 2021.

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