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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish Folk Metal band FOLKRIM released a new single and music video Entwined!

Finnish folk metal band Folkrim is set to release their second studio album On Foaming Waves on October 21st 2022 via Inverse Records. The band released a second single and music video Entwined! The band comments: Our last single, Crack a Cold One brought us a whole lot of positive feedback and we're ready to face future fights with those under our belt. Next in the chamber is 'Entwined!' The song has more traditional tropes and riffs sprinkled with some wordplay and theatrics. Along the song we'll be releasing a music video featuring Finnish summer landscapes and bodies - not to mention the themes of heavy boozing. The video is penned by our very own bass artiste extraordinaire, Viktor Suominen. The artist comments: "They say that the camera adds a few kilos, but fucking 30!" We leave you with these words: Open up the entwine and get partying!" LISTEN Entwined! on streaming services: CD pre-order available on Inverse Store. WATCH a lyric video of first single Crack a Cold One: BIOGRAPHY: Folkrim is a five man band from Rauma, the grim western coast of Finland. To keep the long winters at bay, inspired by beer and nature, we wound up combining metal music with traditional instruments. Originally a one-man project, Folkrim grew fast into a full band and we released 'Tales of Tumult', our self published album in the spring of 2021. A year later we've joined forces with Inverse Records and our second album, 'On Foaming Waves' is awaiting it's release in the fall of 2022.

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