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FERAL SEASON Complete Work On Debut Album “Rotting Body In The Range Of Light”

FERAL SEASON is Karl Cordtz (Chrch, Occlith) and Patrick Hills (Occlith). All songs and lyrics were written by Cordtz in isolation during the Summer and Fall of 2020. Drums and synth were added by Hills. “Rotting Body In The Range Of Light”, FERAL SEASON’s debut full-length LP was recorded following winter at Earthtone Recording Company in Sacramento California.

The influence of early to mid Scandinavian black metal forms the bands sonic backbone, though their songs often wander into more hallucinatory soundscapes. The project initially began as a way for Cordtz to explore a personal connection between black metal and the landscapes of Northern California. “Rotting Body in the Range of Light” is a portrayal of the loss of one’s mind and a subsequent flight into the depths of the inner self.


  1. Tied To The Sun

  2. Methuselah

  3. Rotting Body In The Range Of Light

  4. Seized In Emerald Grief

  5. Thickets

  6. The Sigil Of Snags

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