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  • Jason Hesley

FERAL FORMS: Italian death-black metallers, premiere debut EP "Premalignant"

No Clean Singing is now hosting the official premiere of "Premalignant", the debut EP from Italian death-black metallers FERAL FORMS. Stream it HERE.

After some months stirring the cauldron in the underground, Italy’s FERAL FORMS emerge from the depths with their first ferocious EP, "Premalignant".Comprised of current and former members from Grime, The Secret, Claustrum and Fierce, the 4-piece conjures the unholy Gods of Death Metal and pushes their sound to a new level of tonal corruption, with tension-inducing stop/start angularity and a devouring thrust that would almost sound punk if it wasn't so molten and creepy. Telluric drums and barbaric riffing collide, resulting in a putrid destructive mass of volcanic low end that incinerates everything in its path.


01. Hunter of Chaos 02. Premalignant 03. Voice from the Altar

Night Terrors Records and Filth Junkies will issue “Premalignant” on MC and digital formats on December 15th. The EP was mixed and mastered by Gabriele Gramaglia (Cosmic Putrefaction).Stand by for additional updates from the FERAL FORMS sect as the release of the EP draws near.

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