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  • Jason Hesley

Fear The Fate to release "Fight The Fear"

Fear The Fate's debut EP, "Fight The Fear," hails from Sweden, offering a fresh take on Swedish heavy metal. The EP features four tracks that blend the weight of heavy metal with melodic and groovy elements. The lyrics are heartfelt, reflecting genuine emotions and experiences. This release is a must-listen for fans of heavy metal, particularly those who appreciate the unique flavor of Swedish heavy metal.

Recording Info:

  • Pre-recorded by guitarist Ivan Castro.

  • Vocals and additional guitar and bass recorded at Sunlight Studio.

  • Mixed by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio.

  • Mastering done at Dark Pro Studio in Stockholm, Sweden.


  • Ivan Castro - Guitar and all other instruments

  • Belinda Blomqvist - Vocals


  1. Fight the Fear

  2. My Time

  3. Behind the Mask

  4. Pointing at Me

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