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  • Jason Hesley

Saħħar's single "L-Imlejka" explores Maltese mythology with haunting black metal!

"L-Imlejka," pronounced 'Imleyka,' is a single by Maltese black metal artist Saħħar. This track delves into the lore of the Maltese Archipelago, exploring the story of an obscure mythological character known as the 'Little/Young Queen' of the new year. The song narrates the journey of an old mage who seeks out this enigmatic figure deep within the earth, offering her a Narcissus Flower—a customary gesture—and in return, he receives the gift of arcane knowledge. The track is a lyrical exploration into this lesser-known myth, crafted in a rare language and set to the backdrop of haunting mid-tempo black metal. It forms part of a larger concept album that further explores this theme. Saħħar, responsible for all aspects of the single including instrumentals, vocals, programming, mixing, mastering, and artwork design, has created this piece at TerrierSound Studio, which he owns and operates. "L-Imlejka" is an intriguing offering for fans of the genre, particularly those who appreciate bands like Inquisition.

Recording Info:

All instrumentals, vocals, programming, mixing, mastering, and artwork design done by Marton 'Saħħar' Saliba at TerrierSound Studio, Ħamrun, Malta

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