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Félonie to release "De Sève et de Sang" via Aural Music / Code666!

FÉLONIE, the black metal one man band from the Swiss Alps, is preparing to release the new album De Sève et de Sang. FÉLONIE's upcoming offering will be released on October 13th, 2023, via Aural Music / Code666.

Marc Bourban comments:

"This album, titled 'Of Sap and Blood' (De Sève et de Sang), is my contribution to the history of my homeland. I have been active in the music scene for many years, playing in various bands ranging from folk rock to death and black metal. This time, I wanted to release an album composed and recorded without any compromises. An idea, as park, and I pressed the record button. This debut album delves into ancient times in Valais, from the story of The Battle of Octodurus in 57 BC to the tales and legends that shaped my childhood."

Opening with an eerie introduction of cawing crows and ghostly whispers, "Sedunum Invictus" delivers an offering of intense anguished-fueled black metal. Ferocious speeds from the percussion and distorted riffs combine with guttural vocals to form a powerful sound. The guitar driven opening of "Du Haut de l'Echafaud" gives a different feel with multiple tones and textures entwining. Diving into my typical black metal arrangements for the verses, the track sees guitar leads and riffs return throughout the track enhancing the dynamics. The album draws to a close with "Tueuse d'Etoile" that unleashes a raging rhythmic torrent of sound.


FÉLONIE is a black metal one-man band hailing from the small village of Nendaz, nestled in the Swiss Alps. It is the side-project of Marc Bourban, a member of the bands WIZARDS OF WIZNAN and TYRMFAR. This journey, which began in the heart of winter 2022, draws inspiration from local history, tales, and legends.

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