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Extreme/Prog Metal Outfit THE ARCANE ORDER Release New Single "Children of Erebos"

Danish extreme metal quintet THE ARCANE ORDER returns with their fourth album Distortions From Cosmogony set for a June 9th release via Black Lion Records. With their new experienced line-up consisting of members from SOILWORK, MØL and HATESPHERE, the band has created an epic metal album within their singular style combining the extreme, the grandiose, technical and melodic while telling the story of mankind’s eternal existential conflict between autonomy and submission. The band is now showcasing the final single from the upcoming album, "Children of Erebos."

Stream the track here:

Guitarist Flemming C. Lund comments: "For this song we really wanted to create a relentless banger! It's definitely one of the fastest songs we ever made, and Bastian is grinding his brains out behind the drum kit! The song is quite death metal inspired, mixed with some more ferocious black metal riffing and vocals."

Lead singer Kim Song Sternkorpf comments: "'Children of Erebos' is a parable over the concept of divine or malignant intervention like cautionary tales told to kids to make the abide by the rules of their parents.

"It serves as an interpretation of the saying “if you give the devil a little finger he takes the whole hand”. I wanted to use older deities than the typical Judeo-Christian mythology since hierarchies play a big part in the Greek Mythos.

"The older the deities are, the more scary and mysterious they seem. The insignificance of man faced with cosmic forces is an embedded fear in our nature. To put a name to the fear helped man through the ages - though this particular fear is very much alive today either through the forces of nature or perhaps artificial intelligence? All things with indescribable force surmounting our comprehension. The fear of the unknown."

Distortions From Cosmogony will be released on 2-LP, CD and physical formats can be pre-ordered HERE while digital formats can be pre-saved HERE. News regarding live shows will follow in the near future.

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