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  • Jason Hesley

Extreme Metal Band Noxium Ferus Unleash New Album "Blasphemicon"!

Hailing from the cold mountains of Norway, Noxium Ferus is a diabolical horror act fronted by Espen Dyngen, a misanthropic hermit who has written lyrics for many well-known metal bands. The album is hard-hitting, old-school blackened death metal with a recognizable sound and style. The band's first offensive audio attack is the release of the single "Dickslapped by the Devil," featuring guest artist Jontho Panthera, Ragnarok drummer and leader. Noxium Ferus is completely uncompromising in its musical identity and content, presenting its audible horror show with offensive humor and strong anti-religious content.

Noxium Ferus is a band project created by sheer coincidence, and today, Espen is running the band together with his trusted right-hand, Torgeir 'Alvakien' Espedal, the new guitar player. "Blasphemicon" is a must-listen for fans of extreme metal, as Noxium Ferus brings the devil to your doorstep.

"Blaspemicon" is packed with horror and sonic torment, featuring artists having been involved with bands like Trelldom, Behemoth, Ragnarok, Belphegor, Natas, Massemord, SpitfireNorway, Nattverd, Chinbjer...and even an actor from the Valhalla Vikings show! Don't miss this!

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