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  • Jason Hesley

Experience the raw intensity of Hädangången's debut EP, "Likfärd"

Hädangången, translating to "passing away" in English, is a deeper aspect of the Scandinavian forest/old-school black metal. Vindsval, founder of the renowned Swedish black metal band MARA, takes us on a unique musical exploration through his connections to the primitive Scandinavian landscape.

The EP, "Likfärd," meaning "death traveling," is a compilation of raw emotions encapsulated in black metal. Drawing upon themes of frustration, death, nature, rebirth, pride, honor, desolation, and emptiness, this work is the true embodiment of atmospheric and raw black metal.

This self-released EP, with its immersive and melancholic tones, will be available in digital format across all major streaming platforms. Additionally, an exclusive run of 100 CDs, hand-numbered for authenticity, will be released for collectors and enthusiasts.

Vindsval's stirring performance was captured in the winter of 2023. The vocals, ethereal yet powerful, were recorded in the woods of Gothenburg, creating a genuine connection with nature. Vindsval's impeccable craftsmanship is further highlighted through his handling of all instruments and recording aspects. The EP was mixed and mastered at Oblivion Studio, ensuring a high-quality auditory experience.

For those who find solace in the sounds of Nargaroth, Drudkh, Bathory, Angantyr, Burzum, Isengard, and Darkthrone, "Likfärd" promises to be a captivating experience.

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