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  • Jason Hesley

Exessus to release "Asynapse" on October 28th!

Exultant with youth, ideas, and confidence. Five years after debuting with Time In Coma, and just now celebrating their first decade as a band, Exessus have prepared their second album calmly, but conscientiously, multiplying their weapons to go all out.

Relying once again on Amplifire Studio and producer Gerard Rigau (Blaze Out), on Asynapse their thrash metal takes off exponentially, sounding varied and full of groove, and also accentuating their progressive and melodic side. We stand before twelve personal and fast songs plus an extended version of ‘Paths’, which have been finished off with a great cover and artwork by Pau Pujadas ‘Raven’, another of their regular collaborators.

The fact that each member has their own musical preferences has meant that, depending on the track, the Catalans can reminisce of bands as different as Trivium, Testament, Metallica, Evile, Pantera, Savage Messiah, Annihilator, or Havok, although always taking it to their own territory, bringing their own character as a band.

The Asynapse ship is about to depart and we don’t know where it has set its limits, so you would do well to book your ticket if you want to smash your neck to the rhythm dictated by their refreshing, dynamic, clear, and powerful thrash.

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