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  • Jason Hesley

Ex Aegis promote their self-titled debut with “Head West” lyric video!

EX AEGIS is a powerful blend of classic Hard Rock, Power Metal and Progressive Rock, with a little Pop thrown in for good measure. Formed in 2019 by longtime friends, guitarists and pro musicians Scott Allen and Ryan Bowe, the mission for this band was clear: make the kind of Metal that the world has been yearning for since the mid-nineties decline of Rock and Metal. Mixing influences such as Van Halen, Queensryche, King Diamond and Ozzy Osbourne, along with their own unique styles, Ryan and Scott began crafting what would be their debut offering.After apandemic related delay in 2020, the last pieces were in place save one. Enter powerhouse Vocalist Judith Morgan. Jude had the range, passion, and diverse vocal chops to handle all the twists and turns the boys had delivered. Featuring the thunderous drumming of Alex Bosson, and the precision production of Tom Frost, the recording and mixing was complete.

The result is now presented to the world, a celebration of Rock and Metal’s glories of years gone by and a look forward to what lies ahead. A steadfast declaration that Rock is not in fact dead. EX AEGIS delivers an inclusive style of Metal that doesn’t eschew melody and hooks. A single-minded focus on songcraft that doesn’t leave aside the instrumental virtuosity that defines great Metal. The music is accessible to fans of Hard Rock but has the ferocity and swagger that marks this band as proudly Metal. The songs dazzle with heavy riffing, blazing solos, massive hooks, and angelic vocals. EX AEGIS has put the world on notice that the days of Metal are not behind us, but before us. The release of the debut album from EX AEGIS will be the first pebbles that grow into an avalanche bringing Metal back to the mainstream.

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