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  • Jason Hesley

Everdawn Announce New Album VENERA Set For Release On December 8!

New Jersey’s symphonic metal band, Everdawn will release “Venera” on December 8, their follow-up to 2021’s “Cleopatra” and their first on Frontiers Records. The first single and lyric video from the album, “Cassiopeia”, are out today.

Of the new single, the band says, “It's really fascinating to think about the fine line between confidence and arrogance and who it is that gets to decide when we go too much into the latter. How much of ourselves are we allowed to put on a pedestal? Indeed many of us try to find the balance between self-respect and pride, and this song is all about using the myth of Queen Cassiopeia as an allegory for exploring the fragile relationship between the two. It begs the questions: just how far are we allowed to go when it comes to the belief in our own power, before the world will try to take it away? How far are we willing to go before we lose everything and everyone dear to us for the sake of our pride? Just like Queen Cassiopeia, we must learn from her and reflect upon whether we are willing to reap the consequences of our hurbis— and worse yet, watch as others suffer by that same hand. ‘

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