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  • Jason Hesley

Ett Dödens Maskineri - Swedish Hardcore Punk Pioneers Premiere New Track "Högerspöket"

Swedish hardcore punk pioneers Ett Dödens Maskineri have recently shared another track from their second album ”Kulturkriget” (The Culture War), which is scheduled to be released on vinyl and digital on November 28 via Suicide Records.

Titled "Högerspöket", this new track is now playing at Idioteq, who had this to say about the full album "Ett Dödens Maskineri’s upcoming album, “Kulturkriget,” promises a journey through the modern-day tumult, not with the white-knuckled fury one might expect, but with a calculated precision that speaks of a deeper understanding..’"

The band had this to say about this new track “Conservative thoughts and old murky ideals are once again brought to life as the ghosts of a bygone era return. It’s when today's politicians openly talk about equipping the military defence, strengthening the monopoly of violence and deploying the military against their own population that one can smell the stinky smell of sulphur; The 1930s, and it’s values that should have remained buried in the past. The political climate is darkened by the rattle of chains at the same time as welfare is slaughtered and class society is secretly reintroduced. Under the white sheet and the polished surface, it’s all dirty, rotten, narrow minded and cold.

*The Swedish term "Högerspöket” (loosely translated “the Right-wing Ghost”) is a metaphor used in the political debate to warn of an old-fashioned right-wing ideology making a return.”

If you missed it, a lyric video for leading single "Med mandomen lindad runt halsen" is still playinghere.

The band’s unique fusion of melodic raw punk, infused with a potent blend of sorrow and aggression, promises to captivate listeners and reignite the fighting spirit of the scene. The follow-up to their acclaimed 2020’s debut ”Det Svenska Hatet” delves into the heart of our contemporary societal landscape, exploring the tumultuous battleground of the culture war that saturates every facet of modern existence. A sonic exploration of modern cultural strife in a brutal and filthy dystopian package, the album is also a testament to the enduring power of punk to provoke, challenge, and inspire change. Within the constantly evolving expression one can still identify inspiration from classic Swedish crust-punk bands such as Skitsystem, Disfear, Anti-cimex mixed together with tones of more melodic punk such as Asta Kask and Strebers. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

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