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  • Jason Hesley

Esperfall Release New 'Tempest In Paradise'

Hungary's promising melodic metal formation ESPERFALL have released their debut album Origins In Darkness. The album presents the initial phase of the human soul’s journey as it forces itself to face its inner demons. As with every dark phase in our lives, this state is the starting point of a deep, spiritual journey and self-discovery. Every song is an echo of a major emotional issue vocalized with self-criticism, doubt and fear, fueled with anger and disbelief, oftentimes directed towards our society. These are the battles we have to face in our everyday lives.

This journey and process comes with the inevitable act of turning inward, diving deeper and deeper into our own souls, rediscovering ourselves and coping with part of ourselves we don’t want to pay attention to, or want to deny. The album is the invocation of every listener’s hidden emotional or mental answers to every question they were never brave enough to ask and everything they don’t want to think about.

To the person who undertakes this spiritual journey it feels like the dissection of soul. Some diseases and disorders — physical or mental — are created, manifested by ourselves. This statement is the core message of the myriad of emotions the album is pondering upon.

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