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  • Jason Hesley

Eshtadur to release Umbra in September!

Death metal quartet ESHTADUR are preparing to unleash their ferocious new offering, "Umbra". Thematically, the track explores cosmogony, philosophy, mysticism, and the magic of the ancient man - the shaman.

Band founder Jorg August comments:

"This is the purest and darkest song I’ve ever written, I am very honored for being able to add a real symphonic orchestra and arrange whole parts, but my favorite addition besides 'Purhepecha' ancient native language of America, is the participation of a very beautiful folk instrument, original from Colombia, the tiple."

The darkest song from ESHTADUR, "Umbra" sees symphonic and real orchestra below the music. Profound and dense with heavy guitars and growls, "Umbra" includes the mystique Colombian original folk instrument 'Tiple' among cellos, violins, horns and aggressive drums, within an ancient native language known as 'Purhepecha' original from (Michoacán) pre-Columbian ancient America C.1200.

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