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  • Jason Hesley

ERDVE Streams Virtual Performance from Lukiškės Prison!

Experimental Sludge outfit ERDVEis now streaming the virtual live performance that was recorded in at the Lukiškės prison in Lithuania in September 2020. The unique experience was captured in full by No Brake productions and can be viewed at THIS LOCATION.

About the location:

The stage at the Lukiškės Prison was set up in a round 4-level hall, which is a main part of the 1st prison block that used to serve as a death row for prisoners a while ago. After the death penalty became prohibited in 1998, the 1st prison block was only used for prisoners serving a life-sentence right until 2019 relocation of inmates to another prison.

ERDVE comment on the show: "Our goal was to enhance the eerie atmosphere of the prison architecture with our musical performance, yet you could still feel the smell and the surrounding energy from the recent prison life. We are happy to be able to share this documented footage shot by NO BRAKE productions, providing a closer look from multiple points of view."

ERDVE is supporting their brand new album, 'Savigaila,' which was released on July! Stream, download, and order HERE.

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