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  • Jason Hesley

EPICA - unveil remastered 4k music video for new single!

When revisiting EPICA’s 20 year history, the band’s very first DVD recording “We Will Take You With Us” is a significant milestone, showing the 6 young musicians on Netherland’s renowned TV show ‘Twee Meter Sessies’ in 2004. Long before YouTube emerged, this broadcast presented the symphonic metallers to a wider audience and also included the first officially recorded live versions of their early hits like ‘Cry For The Moon’ or ‘Sensorium’.

While many EPICA fans might have already seen snippets of this release online, the CD has long been sold out. Finally, it’s available again as part of the “We Still Take You With Us” Earbook, collector’s boxset and CD clamshell box.

Coen Janssen remembers the recordings: “This was one of the very first acoustic/small settings in which we played as a band. I have very fond memories of playing in the famous Wisseloord Studios. One more thing I remember is being very nervous because it felt so ’naked’ in a way but I am very happy that we have this version to look back at!"

In case you missed it, a whole lot is happening in EPICA’s universe this year for their 20th anniversary as a band.

You can still pre-order the early years collection “We Still Take You With Us” and “Live At Paradiso” that will both be out on September 2nd:

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